Entrance schedule

The cave is open year-round except March. High season lasts from June15 to September 15. 
There are 3 regular entries for maximally 10 people during high season every day. During low
season cave visit has to be booked in advance by calling 00421-905-412048 or via e-mail:
stankov@ke.psg.sk. We recommend reserving a visit during high season as well, because 
number of visitors for an entry is limited.
Children of age 6 to 15 can visit the cave accompanied by their parent. Tourist route in the 
cave is suitable almost for everyone. However, certain mobility is required. Overweight people
should therefore consider a visit well.

Period Season Entrance time
1.1. - 31.3. CLOSED -
1.4. - 14.6. LOW 900, 1130, 1400
15.6. - 15.9. HIGH 900, 1130, 1400
15.9. - 30.11. LOW 900, 1130, 1400
1.12. - 31.12. CLOSED -

A visit is possible when there are minimally 4 visitors or when paying up price for 4 people.
During low season, a visit can be also booked for other time, if it does not affect other visits.